For all who’ve been #injured or had set backs. You’ll enjoy this. #rollerderby


Play the game, share the clues #BlueStreakSkates (via bluestreakskates)
Skaters who are just starting out who know they have a long journey ahead of them and don’t let that deter them, fill my little roller derby heart with joy for those epic future skaters they’ll be and already are. And yes, they will totally own my ass on the track one day. I try to be more like those dudes.

Raw Heidi - #.357 - London Roller Girls [quote source]

Life comes first. Why? Because you cannot be happy in derby if you’re not happy in life.

Onda Sligh - #66 - Oly Rollers (WFTDA 2013 January Featured Skater)


It (…derby…) turned my negative energy into something positive.

Juska - #303 - Denver’s Mile High Club - SOURCE


I didn’t do anything different to any other game. We’re committed to winning and to each other and it shows.

belle RIGHT hooks - #1619 - B.A.D - Won Blocker MVP Westerns 2012


a team always beats a non-team

Joy Collission - #747 - Oly Rollers


Being more agile makes me a better jammer and better blocker.

Pimpin’ Fro - Oklahoma City Junior Roller Derby 


Never give up. You may fall and feel defeated, but NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP!

Njoy Npain - #2 - North East Roller Derby youth (A.K.A NERDy)